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Why You Need an Attorney to Help Collect on Your Debts


Collecting debts can be frustrating and difficult, especially when the debtor takes actions to protect their assets from collection. There are laws that set forth procedures that can be used to collect on debts, however these laws can be confusing for many. If you are owed a debt and need assistance with collection efforts, then contact a debt collection attorney for assistance. 

How can an attorney assist with debt collection? 
An attorney will know the various legal tools that are available to help you collect your debt. Many of these require strict compliance with certain procedures in order to be used. Failure to comply with the required procedures could result in penalties or inability to collect. Some methods with which an attorney can assist include: 

  • Liens
  • Garnishment
  • Writs of execution and attachment
  • Judgment
  • Debtor examinations

Debt collection may be subject to rules under the Fair Debt Collection Act, so it is important to comply with the restrictions set forth under that law. 

Why use an attorney instead of a collection agency? 
Collection agencies typically utilize only limited methods of collection. They also have fees and may keep a certain percentage of funds collected. This can significantly limit the amount you actually receive. 

An attorney will be able to help you identify the most cost-efficient way to collect on the debt. They will help you develop a strategy that is specific to your situation. This will be more efficient than using a collection agency. Through an attorney, you will improve your chances of recovering funds in a timely manner. 

Contact Fairfield attorneys from Faloni & Associates 
If you are owed money, contact Faloni & Associates to learn what options are available. Our Fairfield attorneys will review your options and help you develop a strategy to most efficiently collect the debt. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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