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What To Expect During a Will Reading

will reading

Naming of Close Family Members

The beginning of the will is where the decedent lists close family members. This portion doesn’t leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that if a person is not going to be receiving any property from the estate, it was intentional.

Naming the Executor

The next to be named will be the executor, and it may require that the executor post a bond. The bond protects the estate against the possibility that the executor steals the estate’s funds.

Listing Specific Gifts

The decedent may have wanted specific gifts to go to specific people. This is where those gifts will be listed. In most cases, people don’t leave specific gifts to others. They either leave everything to one person, or they leave everything to several people to split equally.

Gifts of Personal Effects or Personal Property

Personal effects are property that the decedent wore or carried, and personal property is any property other than real estate.

Conditional Gifts

People don’t usually do this, but sometimes, they will leave property with conditions attached. This type of provision is a major headache for the executor. The remedy would be for the beneficiaries to come to an agreement on how to implement the decedent’s wishes.

Monetary Gifts

The decedent can give money that doesn’t come from any particular source to people as a “general” gift or a legacy.

Residual Gifts

Residual gifts are listed after the general and specific gifts have all been named. It is common for this section to be left blank.

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