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The Benefits of a Living Will

living willHaving a legal written document for distributing assets after death is a given for most people. Until then, we go about our day with plans for how we will live our lives. Far from our minds is what to do when we are still alive, but unable to make our own decisions.

This is where a living will become beneficial to helping our loved ones ensure our desires are upheld. A living will be a document that outlines specific instructions for how medical decisions will be made on your behalf if you are unable to communicate those wishes.

Princeton,  NJ estate planning attorneys at the Law Offices of Faloni Law Group can put those desires in writing. This helps you and your loved ones avoid confusion and misunderstandings about the medical care you should receive.

Here are a few reasons why you should contact a law firm experienced and knowledgeable in New Jersey estate planning law.

Instruct the Hospital on What to Do

Without instructions, the hospital is obligated to keep you on life support indefinitely. Your family is left to absorb hefty medical expenses as a result. An attorney can combine legal and medical terms, so the medical staff knows the type of care to give in an emergency or death.

Final Decisions are Clear

Regrettably, you cannot give instructions on when to turn off life support systems when you are in a comatose state. A living will includes a medical power of attorney to assign the person you trust to have legal authority in making a final decision.

Doctors Follow Your Wishes

Doctors are trained to make instant decisions about patient care. However, an advance directive puts you in control of the care you should receive, not the doctor. This document obligates the doctor to put aside their medical training and do what you want done.

Emotions can run high when family members see their loved ones incapacitated. Fairfield NJ estate planning attorneys will make sure your wishes are granted every step of the way.

The Law Offices of Faloni Law Group can draft a living will that gives you peace of mind. You can have confidence that no matter what happens, emergency instructions are followed. Contact our office to begin drafting your will and speak to our experienced attorneys.

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