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Product Liability Common Injuries (& What to Do Next)

Product liability claims can be some of the most difficult legal cases in isolated situations where the product is not typically known as defective. Food sources are a primary example of when a product can be contaminated causing significant physical illness for those who have consumed the product while normally the product is safe. However, food products in general are a common source for product liability claims because many can be contaminated when they reach the market. There are other product types that result in similar problems, but not necessarily are products with a minimal shelf life. These products that have generated multiple issues are often identified by the Consumer Protection Agency and listed for attorneys who represent people who have been injured by their usage. This can be an excellent resource of information when attorneys like Faloni & Associates Fairfield NJ injury lawyers must represent victims, and often claims fall into specific classes.

Common Product Liability Claims

There are several categories of claims that are the common result of defective product use, and they include:

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive parts
  • Child vehicle restraints
  • Industrial and construction materials

Why You Need an Experienced Product Liability Attorney

Although many defective products are clearly identified by the CPA, filing a claim against a manufacturer is still a difficult legal task. The best advantage your personal injury attorney has is the fact that it is not necessary to prove negligence because of strict liability application in defective product cases. The plaintiff legal counsel needs to prove a link between the client’s injury and the use of the product, and the correlation can be either indirect over a long time period or direct from one specific usage. Claims are still defended vigorously because product liability awards are considered punitive in nature, which mean the potential for a high-value claim is always a concern for the manufacturer and possibly the sales outlet.

Never attempt handling a product liability claim personally. New Jersey residents should always call the legal professionals at Faloni & Associates Fairfield NJ injury lawyers for aggressive and comprehensive representation.

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