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How Can I Protect My Loved One from Elder Abuse?

elder abuse

One of the worst fears that we all have is that we won’t be properly cared for when we get too old to care for ourselves. You can do your part to make sure that this never happens to your loved ones. There are certain steps that you can take to prevent elder abuse from striking your relatives. 

What Steps Can You Take to Prevent Elder Abuse? 
The first thing you can do is to visit your relative frequently. This way, you will always be aware of any sudden changes in their appearance, weight, and behavior. If you suspect that something is wrong, you can report it to the attending nurses, caregivers, or medical staff. 

Meanwhile, there is another form of elder abuse that may be taking place. This is financial exploitation of an elderly person. Your loved one may be getting intimidated or pressured into giving up their money or even make changes in their will to include a certain person. 

If your loved one seems afraid of a particular neighbor, physician, caregiver, or other person, pay attention. This may be the person who is trying to get them to make changes to their will or take advantage of them in some other way.

Contact the Law Offices of Faloni & Associates for More Info 
If you believe that your loved one is becoming the victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation, you need to contact estate plan attorneys in Fairfield NJ. Your claim may be subject to a statute of limitations. This means that, if you do suspect the worst, the time to contact the law offices of Faloni & Associates is now. 

Your best course of action will be to contact an expert team of estate plan attorneys in Fairfield NJ. Our firm will be happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning your case.

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