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How an Estate Planning Attorney can Help You


Estate Planning AttorneySmart people plan their lives knowing that it is possible to suffer mental disability, an illness that incapacitates them, or even death. An estate planning attorney is the ideal person to advise clients on how to put their affairs in order for these eventualities.
Why hiring a Faloni Law Group LLC attorney is better than planning on your own.

There are a number of reasons to hire an attorney as opposed to DIY estate planning. First, estate planning means more than just a will, and you need an expert to draft all these documents for you.

You also need a New Jersey estate planning attorney because you save your time and energy when you hire one. Drafting a thorough estate plan is complex, and it needs several drafts before the final document. An estate planning lawyer alleviates this burden from your shoulders.

An estate planning attorney helps you save money because they know the ways in which they can help you secure tax and financial benefits. Also, when you write your own documents, you may end up spending more in professional fees, court costs, and taxes in the long run.

Another reason you need a permanent attorney is that life keeps changing as people grow. Your property could increase, and so could your dependents, you could move to a new state, and many other changes. Having one attorney helps harmonize all these changes into the bigger picture.

The services offered by an estate planning attorney

• The New Jersey estate planning attorney handles a wide range of issues including drafting living trusts, coming up with plans to help you avoid estate taxes, and to make plans to ensure that after you die, everything that you owned actually goes to the right beneficiaries.

• They will create a last will and testament and make sure that it meets all the necessary requirements to be deemed valid in a court of law.

• They help with the preparation of the power of attorney and health care directives. These documents are put in place to ensure that someone can make decisions on your behalf should you become mentally incapacitated.

• When you have a reliable estate planning attorney, you will avoid situations such as guardianships and conservatorships.

• They also help with the preparation of documents such as business succession plans, Medicaid and elder law, and family business planning.

• They facilitate the creation of documents which support charitable giving and gift tax planning.

Remember when need arises, the people who scrutinize any estate related documents are still lawyers. It would therefore be best to hire a Faloni Law Group, LLC professional to create documents which meet their standards, and also to offer consistent help and support in estate planning.

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