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Elder Laws In NJ: How They’ll Affect Your Case

elder law in Nj

In our society, seniors need as much protection as possible to ensure they are not taken advantage of, exploited, or abused physically and emotionally. To make this happen, New Jersey has a variety of elder laws in place to benefit seniors and those who care for and about them. When legal situations arise involving seniors, they often focus on such areas as estate planning, establishment of a guardianship, obtaining various types of government benefits, and so forth. If you and a loved one are dealing with these or other similar issues, rely on the experience of Fairfield New Jersey elder law attorneys at the Law Offices of Faloni & Associates.

Estate Planning
Time after time, questions arise regarding the estate planning of seniors. In many cases, a family member or caregiver will be accused of taking advantage of the elderly person’s mental incapacity to drain bank accounts, seize property, or have themselves written into a will. When this happens, a variety of legal complications always follow. However, New Jersey elder laws take these situations into consideration and offer protections against such events taking place. If you suspect these or other similar issues have occurred, consult with Fairfield New Jersey elder law attorneys at the Law Offices of Faloni & Associates.

Gaining Benefits
Whether it is Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, or perhaps various types of Veteran’s benefits, many elderly individuals need assistance in gaining the benefits they worked so hard for and deserve. Unfortunately, the process toward gaining such benefits can often be complex and confusing. Since much paperwork must be completed and filed by certain deadlines, it is imperative everything be done correctly from the beginning. Therefore, trust the expertise of Fairfield New Jersey elder law attorneys in these matters.

To discuss your case in greater detail, schedule a consultation today with the Law Offices of Faloni & Associates.

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