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Creating Your Living Will: What You Need to Do Next

living will

A living will, also called an advance healthcare directive, can be an important document to have as part of your estate plan. Deciding what to include in your living will can be difficult and it is important that it clearly addresses the situations that may arise. 

What is a living will? 
A living will is a written document that sets forth your wishes with regard to healthcare decisions. The directives of a living will take effect when you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to personally set forth your wishes. 

In a living will you can set forth your wishes on a variety of issues, including: 

  • Whether you are to receive nutrition
  • Whether you are to receive hydration
  • Whether live saving efforts should be utilized
  • Whether you should have “do not resuscitate” status
  • Who is authorized as your agent to make healthcare decisions

These decisions are not always easy. An estate planning lawyer can help you understand your options in a living will. An attorney will help you develop a living will that accurately sets forth your desires if health issues arise. 

Why work with an attorney? 
Fairfield NJ estate plan lawyers can help draft a living will that complies with the legal requirements and sets forth your wishes without any ambiguity. They can assist with registering your living will so healthcare providers will be aware of its existence if you experience medical issues that require its use. 

An attorney will help you make informed decisions with regard to your living will. With their advice and assistance, you will have greater peace of mind knowing that there will not be issues or drama from healthcare decisions. 

The Fairfield NJ estate plan lawyers from Faloni & Associates are available to assist with living wills and a variety of estate planning tools. Contact Faloni & Associates to schedule a consultation.

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