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  1. The below terms and conditions will be memorialized in writing when the documents are delivered.
  2. LEGAL SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED: Client agrees that the Law Firm will draft all documents for a flat fee as specified above.
  3. WITNESSES AND NOTARIZATION. The fee includes attorney notarization of the above documents but does not include the Witnesses as they must be provided by the client unless otherwise specified.
  4. ADDITIONAL LEGAL SERVICES. If client needs any other services which may or may not be related to the above matter, client and the Law Firm may make a new agreement outlining the additional services and fees.
  5. LEGAL FEES. Upon delivery of your documents the Law Firm will receive the legal fee stated above. In the event that the client is unsatisfied with the documents provided by the law firm, the client may terminate this agreement and receive a full refund if:
    • The client provides notice to the Law Firm within 3 days of the clients receipt of the documents and
    • Returns all documents to the law firm within 3 days of the clients receipt of documents.
  6. TAX ADVICE. The Law Firm is not providing any tax advice and client understands that client should contact an accountant and/or taxation attorney for such advice.
  7. CONFLICT. The Law Firm agrees to draft the aforementioned documents as represented above. It is understood by you that the Law Firm reserves the right to return any fees received if the Law Firm determines that the Rules of Professional Conduct guiding attorneys in the State of New Jersey would otherwise preclude representation of client.
  8. FULL SATISFACTION. The Law Firm agrees that client has the right to terminate our services for any reason. In order to receive a full refund the terms in paragraph five of this agreement must be fulfilled.
  9. ARBITRATION. At the request of either you or the firm, any disputes under this agreement as to the amount or payment or legal fees and expenses will be submitted to the appropriate County District Fee Arbitration Committee for arbitration and prompt resolution. Both the firm and the clients agree to be bound by the results of their decision.
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