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What To Expect During a Will Reading

Naming of Close Family Members The beginning of the will is where the decedent lists close family members. This portion doesn’t leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that if a person is not going to be receiving any property from the estate, it was intentional. Naming the Executor The next to be named will be […]

Different Ways to Hold Title to Property

For many people, real property, including their home, is a big part of their overall net worth.  How the home and other pieces of real property is titled deserves careful consideration. Real estate constitutes the land and any structure, including vegetation, livestock, crops, and other natural resources that sit on the land under the state’s […]

How Specific Should Your Health Care Power of Attorney Be?

You have the right to decide what kind of medical treatment you want to receive from doctors and health-care providers. If you can speak up at the time, you can express your wishes yourself. But if you become incapable because you’re ill or injured, you need to plan in advance. Designate a person whom you […]

How to Establish a Trust

What Is a Trust? A trust is a financial vehicle that allows you to hold and manage property for the benefit of others. How Is a Trust Different from a Will? A will lists what you would like to happen to your property after you pass away. With a trust, you will be able to […]

What You Should Know About Short-Term Disability Insurance

Sandy was a caregiver for her 85 yr-old mother. Sandy still worked full time and would help her mom in the evenings and weekends. Unfortunately, Sandy was in a serious car accident and would be out of work for at least 8 weeks. She now faced the challenge of paying her bills while out of […]

What to Consider as Your Special Needs Child Becomes an Adult

Having a special needs child has many challenges. One of the toughest challenges faced by many parents is knowing how to best care for their special needs child as they reach adulthood. There are many areas that need consideration when planning for the transition of a special needs child to adulthood. Let’s take a look […]

When Does Probate Begin After a Loved One Has Passed?

The Definition of Probate Probate is when the court accepts a will and begins to put its instructions into effect. The decedent may have kept a copy of the will at home, but a copy may also be on file at the attorney’s office. How Does Probate Start? The will must be recorded in the […]

How to Choose a Wearable Medical Alert System

Your parent recently had a stroke and is returning home after a long stay in the hospital and in-patient rehabilitation. The care providers assure you that your parent will be fine returning home, but you still worry. How can you make sure your parent is safe at home? A medical alert system is a device […]

What to Do When You and Your Loved One Need Caregiving

Family systems have a natural habit of stepping in to provide health care to their aging relatives. The love and care many adult children receive growing up become reciprocal, particularly in the case of their aging parents. But with the advent of longer lives, it is not atypical that a senior parent may still be […]

Seniors and the Impact of Coronavirus

We are living in confusing and scary times. The senior population has been identified as the most at-risk demographic for COVID-19. Information coming out about COVID-19 is very fluid, which can also contribute to overall stress. Thankfully there are ways to try and manage stress and stay as healthy as possible during this time thanks […]