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The Importance of an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration for families is not often simple.  Contact our immigration attorneys and you will find peace of mind before bringing a family member to the United States.

Families being split up is unfortunately common in today’s world.  There are many reasons why families may be in different geographic locations and often this is not by choice.  Deportation of families often leads to parents and even children being separated for their individual residency.  Naturally, these families want to reunite as soon as possible, and our attorneys are here to help ensure that happens for you smoothly and efficiently

When a family member is coming from another country to become a permanent U.S. resident, this is considered Family Based Immigration. This process requires a current lawful permanent resident to file a petition and this person becomes a sponsor. If you wish to sponsor a family member there are many laws regarding sponsorship and not everyone can be a sponsor for a family member.  If you are considering sponsorship, certain details such your age and relationship will determine whether you are eligible to be a sponsor for family-based immigration.

Understanding Visas for Family-Based Immigration

Faloni Law Group can guide you on which Visas should you file for Family Based Immigration.

Immigrant Visas are classified by the circumstances they are need for.  In the case of the spouses of U.S. citizens, the IR-1 used.  In the case of unmarried children under 21 years of age, the IR-2 Visa is used.  When filing for orphans adopted abroad an IR-3 Visa is required and for orphans to be adopted in the United States IR-4 Visa.  Finally, for the parents of U.S. citizens IR-5 visa

For more distant, specific relatives, another category of visa called Family Preference are also available and require a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) as a sponsor.  The four types of family preference visas are:

  • F1 – First Preference: Unmarried sons and daughters. Limited to 23,400
  • F2 – Second Preference: Spouses, minor children, unmarried children. Limited to 114,200.
  • F3 – Third Preference: Married sons and daughters. Limited to 23,400.
  • F4 – Fourth Preference: Siblings, and their spouses and minor children. Limited to 65,000

These visas are issued on a limited basis each year.

Understanding the Steps for Filing an Immigration Petition

In order to bring a brother, sister or other family member to the U.S., you must first file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).  Errors on paperwork can be costly in the process and delay approvals.  Once your petition (formI-130) is approved, the next step is to file and affidavit of support with the National Visa Center (NVC).  It is important to pay special attention to cases with a sibling under the age of 21. Once you receive an immigrant visa for the approved family member, you may bring them to the United States and await a Permanent Resident Card.  It is important to make sure your family member arrives before the expiration date of your approved immigrant visa.  Failure to use the immigrant visa before its expiration means that you will need to begin the process over again.

Our Top-Rated Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Having one of our experienced immigration attorneys handle this process for you will remove the potentially costly errors and allow you to rest assured that your family has the easiest and best path to joining you in the U.S. There are many pitfalls to completing these steps unguided that can delay or even prevent immigration.  It can truly be exhausting to attempt to understand and execute each step correctly.  Identifying potential problems in your case ahead of time allows you to make the best decision for your family.  A good immigration lawyer can help you avoid such costly mistakes.

Contact Our Experienced Immigration Attorneys for Your Legal Matters

The Faloni Law Group, LLC, has two New Jersey locations to serve you in Roseland and Toms River. We also maintain offices in New York City and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. If you require assistance in a immigration legal issue, please contact our office by calling 866-456-9668. Messages left after business hours are always responded to promptly on the next office day. Evening meeting appointments are available on request.


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