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A Probate Lawyer Can Help With the Estate Administration Process

If you have an estate plan, investing in a probate lawyer can help your loved ones with the estate administration process. We will ensure that your estate plan instructions in your will or trust are followed on your behalf. If you do not have an estate plan established, your loved ones will likely go to a probate court to administer your estate and distribute your assets to your heirs. This process can be difficult to handle, and seeking legal representation from a probate attorney can help relieve some legal issues.

Quality Representation for Your Estate & Probate Legal Issues

Losing a loved one is emotionally challenging. In times of grief, the necessity of dealing with the complexities of their estate can be overwhelming. Complex legal procedures are involved in the administration and distribution of the assets of an estate. At the Faloni Law Group, LLC, our estate administration and probate attorneys work hard to smooth the legal process for you at this troubling time. With more than 40 years of experience, our estate administration lawyers know how to expedite the process of trust and estate administration in Essex County and surrounding areas. We are committed to guiding those charged with fiduciary responsibilities through this legal process efficiently and effectively.

Asset Transfers and Probate

Complex issues can arise when an executor, administrator, or trustee must act in probate court and administer an estate. A fiduciary must account for the estate and to act in the estate’s best interests. It is essential to handle an estate properly because, as a fiduciary, you can be held personally liable for any errors such as not paying creditors and not paying taxes. The Faloni Law Group, LLC, will help you carry out your duties as executor, administrator, or trustee, no matter what obstacles arise.

Experienced Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax Attorneys

It is essential for an executor or fiduciary to pay the estate taxes due or, if they are not due, to get the proper releases so that property may transfer to a beneficiary properly. The Faloni Law Group, LLC, will help you carry out your duties as executor, administrator or trustee, and help you minimize the taxes due.

If a will is contested, an executor can be caught in the middle and called to testify. You will need skilled legal counsel in your corner — an attorney with expertise in estate planning and defense of fiduciaries.

If you require assistance with an estate administration and probate matter, please call our New Jersey probate attorney at 866-456-9668, or click here for an immediate e-mail inquiry. The Faloni Law Group, LLC, maintains offices in Fairfield, Toms River, New York City, King of Prussia, PA, and Estero, FL. Your initial consultation is complimentary. We return messages promptly and keep meeting schedules flexible enough to accommodate yours.

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