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Creating Your Living Will: What You Need to Do Next

A living will, also called an advance healthcare directive, can be an important document to have as part of your estate plan. Deciding what to include in your living will can be difficult and it is important that it clearly addresses the situations that may arise.  What is a living will? A living will is a […]

NJ Winter Weather Accident Injuries (and How to Be Compensated)

Winter weather often creates hazardous road conditions. Unfortunately many drivers do not drive appropriately under the circumstances created by hazardous conditions. This may result in traffic accidents that cause personal injuries. If you or a loved one are injured in a winter weather accident, then Fairfield NJ personal injury lawyers can provide legal representation to […]

How to Get Through the Probate Process

Probate involves the use of the judicial system to address matters that arise after a person’s death. Through probate, a person can be appointed as personal representative or executor to administer the estate. Probate may not be necessary in all cases, or could be informal. Estate planning attorneys in Fairfield NJ are available to assist […]

Why You Need an Attorney to Help Collect on Your Debts

Collecting debts can be frustrating and difficult, especially when the debtor takes actions to protect their assets from collection. There are laws that set forth procedures that can be used to collect on debts, however these laws can be confusing for many. If you are owed a debt and need assistance with collection efforts, then […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Power of Attorney

Many individuals are under the impression that a well thought out will is all that is needed to assure the long-term security of their families in the event of an untimely death. Many of these individuals would be surprised to learn that carefully selecting a power of attorney, that can manage issues as needed while […]

In an Accident with a Bus? What You Should Do Next

Every year, there are thousands of traffic accidents involving buses taking place on our nation’s roads. While the vast majority of these collisions are minor and only involve limited material damage, some of them are a lot more serious. As buses are a lot bigger and heavier than other vehicles, they can cause extensive damages […]

The Benefits of a Living Will

Having a legal written document for distributing assets after death is a given for most people. Until then, we go about our day with plans for how we will live our lives. Far from our minds is what to do when we are still alive, but unable to make our own decisions. This is where […]

3 Common Causes to New Jersey Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in the state of New Jersey have been steadily rising, this year reaching a high of 273,473 reported crashes. Finding yourself involved in any type of car accident can be a frightening and strenuous experience and seeking out legal consultation should be a key priority. Whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator of […]

Congrats Homeowner! Things to Do After Signing

Congratulations to new homeowners! Now that you have signed all the paperwork, consult a New Jersey real estate attorney to review your documents and help you close title to your potential home. Below are tips to things you should do after signing: A misplaced signature or overlooked clause can spell trouble if not caught early. […]

Who’s Liable When You Slip and Fall?

How Common Are Falls? It is estimated that 2.8 million people are injured in a fall each year. Older Americans are more likely to be hurt by a fall. 80,000 people are hospitalized each year due to a fall. If you or a loved one have been injured, contact your local Fairfield personal injury attorney […]