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What Should be in my Estate Plan?

The majority of working people like you spend the majority of their lives working hard in order to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their families. A healthy percentage of these hard-working individuals will succeed in saving significant…

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How Probate Affects your Beneficiaries

Have you thought about what will happen to your assets and property after your death? How will probate affect your beneficiaries? Even if you have a will, your estate may go through the probate process. A probate court supervises the…

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Risks of Transferring Ownership

If you are planning to transfer ownership of your home to your children, there are risks involved and options you can consider. Whether it is for wealth-preservation or tax-avoidance many people decide to transfer ownership but sometimes there are matters…

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Healthy Life Expectancy State by State

Which state has the highest “Healthy Life Expectancy” and where is New Jersey on the list?“Healthy Life Expectancy” means at what age the average resident of that state lives healthfully.51: Hawaii: Keep the luaus coming; Hawaii is the top state…

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America’s Worst Charities

Many people choose to leave part or all of their estate to charities. They do this either to honor a loved one or possibly to keep money out of the hands of someone they deem not worthy. However, what if…

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