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Protecting your assets is essential for any business owner, professional, or property owner. Asset protection planning with an experienced lawyer, like Faloni Law Group, can help you and your loved ones shield your assets from lawsuits or creditors to safeguard your legacy.

The Importance of Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is a vital part of estate planning. Your plan is a legal document that protects you, your family, and your assets from a lawsuit or creditors. The legal guidance of our experienced asset protection attorneys can ensure your assets are protected. We can help you devise a legal strategy to meet your asset protection goals. Asset protection strategies safeguard you from the risk of losing your assets due to lawsuits, including divorce, bankruptcy, malpractice, landlord/tenant disputes, and personal injury cases. Our experienced asset protection lawyers can give you legal guidance and peace of mind to ensure your assets are protected for you and your loved ones.

Our Methods for Asset Protection include:

  • Business formations such as LLC to own real estate or business assets
  • Implementing insurance options or Medicaid planning
  • Domestic asset protection strategies such as pre-and post-marital agreements
  • Implementing offshore planning strategies

At Faloni Law Group, we represent seasoned professionals, small business owners, property owners, and others to meet their legal goals of protecting assets against potential litigation and more. Sometimes insurance alone does not allow the best protection from the law. Seeking legal advice from an experienced asset protection lawyer can help protect your wealth for you and your loved ones.

Two Full-Service New Jersey Offices to Help Protect Your Assets

For a closer look at the legal leadership we provide in asset protection, contact our law firm. We have two New Jersey locations to serve you in Roseland and Toms River. We also maintain offices in New York City and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Call us at 866-456-9668 or e-mail us. We offer flexible appointment times. Any voice or e-mail message you leave after business hours will be promptly returned.

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